How to Throw a Bachelorette Party on a Budget


Congrats! Your girl is getting married!! Exciting right? And a little, expensive too, eh? Well it doesn’t have to be! Today we’re sharing How to Throw a Stellar Bachelorette Party on a Budget, so you can have a blast and splurge on something else (like perhaps the plane tickets for the wedding 😬)


1. Make it a Girls Night Out

Instead of going on a trip, or throwing a party at your house or a venue, plan an epic girls night out on the town. Start with dinner at the bride's favorite restaurant, then drinks at a happening bar and, —  I think you know what’s coming next — dance the night away at your city’s best dance spots. Rather than splurging for catering, decorations or clean up, you’ll just have to cover the cost of the invites, the bride’s dinner and drinks, and maybe a few small bachelorette accessories (hello sash!). Major $$ saved. Now, how to make it stand out from a regular Saturday night with the girls...?? Read on!


2. Pick a Fashion Theme

What you’re (happily) lacking in spending you can make up for in creativity. Set a theme for your bachelorette bash to add an extra element of anticipation, and be sure you’ll look like a legit girl gang hopping from club to club.

Bachelorette Themes: 


White Theme

Everyone wears White, or another color of choice. simple as that! We love this playful look from Clare V.'s 2016 Spring lookbook. 


Floral Theme

Each lady wears a flower crown or sash. You can assign it as a little DIY, or have crowns ready to hand out at dinner that night. Photo by Signe Vilstrup for Elle Denmark.


Lingerie Theme

This one is a little daring, but so fun! Everyone wears their favorite slip (dress) out and brings a little something cheeky for the bride to be.  The Reformation's  rosy Adriana dress would be perfect attire for this theme.


1920's Gatsby Theme

What better way to dance your feet off than in traditional 1920’s flapper garb? Image from backstage at Michael Kors F/W 2012 show.


3. Save on the invites!

Instead of ordering from an expensive stationery company, use a printable template for the bachelorette party invitations! Printable templates are awesome… Annd we’re not just saying that because we are master designers of them. Okay, maybe we are. Nonetheless they are the perfect way to get beautiful stationery designs at a price cheaper than a trip to Chipotle. AND, wait for it, you can save loads on printing too. Just take your template to a local print shop (or Kinkos, Office Depot, etc) and voila! You have affordable, killer invitations. And your bride-to-be-best-friend will be so impressed ✨